What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic

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Find out what Plantain means. Plantain is explained by Lindsay de Feliz - author of What about your saucepans


Plantains – a type of banana – are the national food of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is the 13th largest producer of plantains in the world with 491,509 tonnes in 2010. Plantains are mostly eaten green, and boiled, but they are also eaten when ripe and yellow or very ripe and black. The plantain is not a tree apparently, it is in fact a herb and the largest one in the world. It can grow to as high as 20 feet and the great thing about plantains is that they fruit all year round, not having any particular season. They are the 10th most important staple which feeds the world, being mostly carbohydrate with each plantain has around 220 calories. In the last chapter of the book you will read about the importance of plantains to the daily diet of Dominicans.

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"...Plantainhad picked me up from work he cooked dinner, which was always something Dominican, such as mashed Plantains with a tin of sardines on top. Or stewed chicken, and rice and beans. He would put it all on a plate and give it to me to eat. I would eat ..."
"...Plantain edible, I was not keen on Dominican food. Unlike much of the food in the Caribbean, it is not spicy and lacks flavour. The main meal is eaten at noon, with everyone laying down tools at exactly twelve o’clock to eat. It is almost always the same. Rice, beans ..."

Chapter 3: Family life
"...Plantaininder of the holiday was spent with my parents in the country, which he loved. It was cold and he could not get over ‘white smoke’ coming out of his mouth when he breathed out. He insisted on wearing three pairs of underpants each day, as Chi Chi had told ..."
"...Plantainolmado you can buy almost anything you need. Many things are sold loose, such as rice, flour, beans, sugar, salt, washing powder and things you might not expect like cornflakes, oil, vinegar, soya sauce. You just take a container in and they fill it up for you. There is no ..."

"...Plantaineantime, unbeknown to me, Jason and Juander had returned to the house and were cooking Plantains and salami in the kitchen. Jason was staying with us, and Juander was a Dominican working on the construction of the kids’ house and also living with us. As the pair were cooking salami, ..."
"...Plantainnd his fellow DNI members were in La Romana, a town forty minutes to the east of San Pedro, having just finished their night’s work. They were sitting down to a meal of salami and Plantains when they were given their phones back. Danilo switched his on and was shocked ..."

Chapter 9: La primera dama
"...Plantainould sleep through the noise until the crowd started shouting for him through the bedroom window. Sometimes Don (Sir), sometimes Sindico, sometimes el Gran (great one). By this time they never called me Lindsay. It was usually la Primera Dama (the first lady) or doña (lady). Once coffee was made ..."

"...Plantain the north coast of the island and spent my time between Shirley’s finca, where she lived alone since Charlie’s death, and Grahame, Ginnie’s partner, who was also on his own. It was a lovely break. I could sleep knowing no one would come to the gate. No one would ..."

Chapter 11: Hope
"...Plantainout to find out what it was like to be poor. There was no money for anything and nowhere to get any money from. We had no credit cards and no store cards. No money for my contact lenses – I went back to wearing glasses. None for medicines – ..."

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"Lindsay tells her story with truth, compassion and humor and you will find yourself walking with her side by side...."

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