What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic

What is it really like to be shot?


I imagined being shot to be just like you see on the films. You get shot, you fly backwards through the air, lie on the ground in appalling pain, and then you die. There is usually a lot of blood. It wasn’t like that for me at all, nor for some others I have spoken to who were unlucky enough to be shot.

The first thing you notice when you are shot is the flash of light. You see the gun, then you see a bright flash of light followed by the noise of the gun, which is very loud. I felt nothing at all when the bullet hit me, and in fact had no idea I had been shot at all and when I worked out I must have been shot, I had no idea where I had been hit. Unless the bullet hits your head or your heart I suppose and kills you instantly, you actually have some time when you are still able to function reasonably normally. I ran away, which apparently is a normal reaction.

A lot will depend on the type of gun, and the calibre of the bullet together with how far away from the gun you are. I was shot at close range, around 3 feet, with a .22 which I was told later is the bullet of choice for those who want to inflict maximum damage as it bounces around in your body. The bullet actually stayed inside me. A friend of mine was shot recently by a 9 millimetre bullet from around the same distance and the bullet went into his upper arm, out the back, into his side, out of the back of his side, through some patio doors and has never been recovered.

As far as pain is concerned, I felt no pain at all at first. I think your body produces some sort of natural pain killer as the first actual pain I felt was some 6 hours later. That could also be due to oxygen starvation as my brain was not functioning normally, although others have said that until they realized that they had been shot, then there was no pain at all.

You can read all when I was shot in Chapter 5 of “What about your saucepans?”

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Chapter 6: Back to normal
"...had arrived from Haiti the previous year. He was 60 years old, and, unable to find work locally, was spending all day in the colmado, cleaning and generally hanging around. As Araña had departed, we needed a new gardener and I was keen to have someone living in. Since being shot I had been a little nervous when I was on my own at night, which happened a couple of times a week when Danilo was working the night shift. The children's house had been finished and they were living in it, but if anything happened I could not shout ..."

Chapter 7: A new dream
"... A few weeks previously he had been approached by someone asking if he wanted to buy a house. It was on the other side of the main road and Danilo thought I would probably like to move to somewhere with no memories of being shot. As he loved to give me surprises he agreed to buy it. On the ..."

Chapter 9: La primera dama
"...the truck phoned Danilo to tell him what was happening, and he and his team immediately drove over to them. The same people in the colmado pulled guns and tried to kill Danilo, shooting at him repeatedly. Danilo was rapidly bundled into the car by his guards, while still being shot at and dodging hurled bottles and rocks. Three people were shot, all bystanders walking past the colmado. Danilo did not know if they were alive or dead. None of our people were hurt, but the car was badly smashed up. All the windows, including the windscreen, were shattered and ..."

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"Lindsay tells her story with truth, compassion and humor and you will find yourself walking with her side by side...."

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