What Your Atheist Professor Doesn't Know But Should
An exploration of the implications of modern science, archaeology, history and philosophy

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1. The Cosmological Arguments
The Kalam Cosmological Argument • The First Law of Thermodynamics –Conservation of Energy • Second Law of Thermodynamics - Increased Entropy Over Time
2. The Teleological (Design) Argument
"The appearance that the universe was designed to support life on earth is overwhelming. Secular scientists have observed that for physical life to be possible in the ... " - read more
3. The 'Hardware' of Life Argument
"The common scientific view of the “hardware of life” (that is, the physical components of living systems) is, as Biologist Richard Dawkins puts it, “the study of ... " - read more
4. The Software of Life Argument
"The finest assembly of computer hardware will avail you nothing without software. Many of us don’t fully ... " - read more
5. The Noological (Existence of Mind) Argument
"Have you ever wondered to yourself, "Where do my thoughts come from?" Or maybe, "why do I care about, or wonder about where my thoughts come from?" ... " - read more
6. The Axiological (Moral) Argument
"“Objective” (or “absolute”) moral values are those values which truly exist regardless of whether anybody agrees with them or not. For example, if the Nazis had ... " - read more
7. the Argument from the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
"Have you ever thought about what you would really die for? That term has been thrown around so much that it’s easy to lose sight of its meaning, but think ... " - read more
8. The Historical Veracity of Scripture
"If you, like many people, have rejected the Bible from consideration due to scriptures that don’t seem plausible or God-inspired, I urge you to be careful about ... " - read more
9. The Shroud of Turin
"The Shroud of Turin is a cloth approximately 14 feet long by 3 ½ feet wide, and bears a “photographically negative” image of a man who seemed to have suffered ... " - read more
10. The Grand design to Dismiss Philosophy (Without Free Will!)
"Stephen Hawking may be the most well-known mathematician of all time. He recently retired from the Lucasian Professorship at Cambridge University, which was a ... " - read more
11. Summary
"The scientific view is virtually unanimous that time, space, matter and energy came into existence suddenly in a tremendous “explosion” from a single location at a ... " - read more

"This book was well written, documenting and explaining scientific evidence for the existence of God, including many concepts that I..."

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