World War D
The Case against prohibitionism,
roadmap to controlled re-legalization

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Reviews and Testimonials for World War D

" I find that you have written one of the best books on the drug problem that I have read (and I have read more than thirty books on that subject). For example, your history of prohibition in part 1 is without any doubt the best I have ever read.”“your chapters on possible legalization and regulation and on your counter arguments against it are excellent and I subscribe to them entirely."

"It is a very good read and already I can say a very important work. You did a fantastic job. It is up there with the very best drug policy books."

" I believe your book will be extremely helpful to those who have the power to reverse the existing draconian drug laws. Hopefully your book will be a road map to a sane conclusion.

When the rulers of our land eventuality exchange prisons for medical clinics the bible hand book that will be used to EDUCATE the citizen in need of help should be your book. It shows how and why we humans react as we do to outside substances.

I’m still blown away by the incredible amount of detailed information you have, what an extraordinary work of literature you have here, congratulations.

" It is a thorough and well-documented compilation, a global overview of all the issues revolving around the war on drugs, prohibitionism and psychoactive substances. It offers a methodical, well-argued and compelling case against prohibitionism and a realistic and pragmatic roadmap to global legalization. Anyone genuinely interested in understanding this failed war and its negative impact on the World should begin by reading this book."

" “I am fairly amazed by the content, as I read pieces; this is impressive. There is nothing out there like that.”"


" It is a thorough and well-documented compilation, a global overview of all the issues revolving around..."

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