World War D
The Case against prohibitionism,
roadmap to controlled re-legalization

What is prohibitionism?


Prohibitionism is a legal philosophy and political theory based on the premise that citizens will refrain from behaviors that are deemed immoral or harmful if such behaviors are decreed unlawful and criminal, even though such behaviors do not generally harm or unreasonably endanger others without their informed consent. Prohibitionism stems from totalitarian paternalism, an ideology rather prevalent among governing elites around the world, based on the presumption that people are feeble, foolish and irresponsible, needing constant protection from themselves.

Prohibitionism has been the basis for many acts of statutory law throughout history, most notably when a large group of a given population disapproves of and/or feels threatened by an activity in which a smaller group of that population engages, and seeks to render that activity legally prohibited.

Examples of prohibitions throughout history have included prohibitions on types of clothing, prohibitions on gambling and exotic dancing, the prohibition of drugs (and cannabis prohibition in particular), prohibitions on tobacco smoking, gun prohibition, and the prohibition of alcohol.

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"...Prohibitionism is based on the premise that citizens will refrain from behaviors that are deemed immoral or harmful if such behaviors are decreed unlawful and criminal, even though such behaviors do not harm or unreasonably endanger others without their informed consent. Prohibitionism stems from totalitarian paternalism, an ideology rather prevalent ..."
"...ProhibitionismProhibitionism in the US can be traced to the rise of the temperance movement, inspired by the 1785 essay "The Effects of Ardent Spirits on the Human Body and Mind" authored by founding father Dr. Benjamin Rush of Pennsylvania, who advocated “a new species of federal government for the advancement ..."
"... to a very real problem. Likewise, the War on Drugs is still to this day the wrong solution to a real problem. - Prohibitionism, a 19th century totalitarian ideology - Let’s step back and divert for a while to the philosophical roots of the reform movement and prohibitionism. With ..."
"...Prohibitionismack and divert for a while to the philosophical roots of the reform movement and Prohibitionism. With the advent of humanism and the age of enlightenment in the 18th century, human beings broke away from supreme religious authority and were placed in charge of their own destiny with a general ..."
"...the common good above personal interests through forced collectivism and elimination of classes. Nazism, national-socialism, and fascism wanted to create a hegemonic race of superior human beings who derived their strength and sense of destiny from subordination of the individual to collective identity through obedience, discipline, dedication, and pride. Prohibitionism viewed coerced morality as a means to improve society. Prohibitionists wanted to legislate ethics and eradicate vice, a broad term under which were dumped all kinds of perceived immoral and sinful behaviors, the cardinal vices being gambling, alcohol abuse, and sexual depravity – pornography, prostitution, and homosexuality. Substance abuse ..."
"...Prohibitionismism, the elephant in the closet, it is founded on a general belief in private property and laissez-faire economics. Based on the belief that free enterprise will naturally nurture a harmonious merit-based society of ever-increasing prosperity, capitalism doesn’t overtly pursue the betterment of humanity as societal improvement should inevitably ensue, ..."
"...Prohibitionismr totalitarianisms were to blossom and bear their poisonous fruits throughout the 20th century, leaving a trail of devastation that is unprecedented in history, as victims numbered in the hundreds of millions. I will be the first to admit that Prohibitionism is by far the most benign form of the ..."
"...Prohibitionismitarianism, Prohibitionism led to propaganda, censorship, massive incarceration of deviants, and the establishment of a de facto police state. The vampire-like drug addict was for most of the 20th century the perfect scapegoat, the source of all evils, the boogeyman to dust off and pull out in time of crisis. ..."
"... at the dawn of the 21st century, with yet unpredictable consequences, a development that can hardly be hailed as progress. - Settlement patterns and Prohibitionism - We are still left with the riddle of why, of all places, prohibitionism took roots with such vigor in the US, why mind ..."
"... - We are still left with the riddle of why, of all places, Prohibitionism took roots with such vigor in the US, why mind alteration through substances or otherwise is so threatening to US society? For an answer to that question, we must go back to the early settlers of the New World. The ..."

"...Prohibitionismn of opiates and cocaine stayed unscathed as these substances had only marginal constituency at the time, at least for their recreational uses. It is remarkable and a telling sign of how insignificant a problem drug abuse was at the time that the experience of alcohol prohibition did not lead ..."

"...Prohibitionism not only attempts to violate the basic principle of capitalism, but it creates a capitalist aberration by promoting the emergence of a class of super-capitalists, the drug traffickers, operating unencumbered by the rule of law and who became criminals first and foremost as a direct consequence of the illegal ..."

"...Prohibitionismtion an unexpected evolutionary consequence of the War on Drugs or was it part of an intelligent design in its creation? There are reasons to believe that creationists have the upper hand on this issue; discrimination clearly was the original intent of Prohibitionism at its onset and it has remained ..."
"...Originating in the US thanks to its settlement patterns, Prohibitionism is a 19th century totalitarian ideology of coerced societal transformation. It is just as obsolete as the other major totalitarianisms, communism and fascism and just like them, it has lost track of its original intent. Prohibitionism was soundly rebuked in its original intent of promotion of virtue and suppression of vice, where vice was alcohol abuse, gambling, pornography, prostitution and homosexuality. Substance abuse was added to the prohibitionist agenda almost by accident, but it is the last standing piece of this failed agenda. Drug prohibition ..."
"...Prohibitionism violates the fundamental law of market economy, which led to the emergence of a thriving shadow economy. The ever escalating repression led to increasingly sophisticated trafficking modalities in a cat and mouse race where the drug business quickly adapts to market disruption and enforcement is always one step behind, ..."

"...Post-Galileo, Newton and his followers viewed the world as a hugely sophisticated mechanical work, like a giant clock whose invisible wheels were moving everything from celestial objects to the soon to be discovered atoms and electrons. Prohibitionism emerged from this well ordained clock-like Newtonian world, in an age when reason and virtue, with a little help from the new moral science, were on the verge of fixing all human flaws, coercively if necessary, while the newly emerged Homo Economicus had to be kept sober in order ..."
"...Einstein and his theory of relativity were soon to throw a wrench into the well-oiled Newtonian world, and quantum theory did even more damage. All these well-ordained wheels were sent flying in all directions, sometimes simultaneously as uncertainty struck. Prohibitionism sprang from a quaint but now obsolete orderly, predictable three-dimensional world, but our universe is now 11-dimensional and unpredictability rules as order emerges from chaos and entire galaxies sink into black holes; even worse, our universe might just be one of zillions in the multiverse. ..."
"...Prohibitionismn in the first section of this book, the original intent of Prohibitionism was the eradication of “vice,” a term under which were dumped all kinds of behaviors deemed immoral, such as gambling, alcohol abuse and sexual depravity – homosexuality, pornography and prostitution. Notwithstanding the difficulty in even defining vice, ..."
"...All the flaws of the prohibitionist model derive from this failure to take into account the critical function of the pleasure/reward system in human behavior. Prohibitionism also violates one of the basic human rights affirmed in the US Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of ..."
"...Prohibitionism is a consequentialist disaster and a self-fulfilling prophecy, creating a self-reinforcing model to justify its own existence. It makes dire predictions about the use of drugs and then creates the conditions that ensure such predictions come true. It claims that drugs are evil and that drug use will destroy ..."
"... class of synthetic drugs in an attempt to cash in on the lucrative psychoactive market place. - Prohibitionism and moral relativism: Faulty premises and false assumptions of Prohibitionism - Prohibitionists often claim the high moral ground to defend their position, probably because ..."
"...Prohibitionismn, the prohibitionist model is flawed because it fails to take into account a fundamental trait of human nature, the mind alteration drive. The founding dogma of Prohibitionism, that morality can be legislated and coercively imposed, is equally flawed as no system of government can force morality on its citizenry. ..."
"...Prohibitionism itself was sparked by another technological innovation, industrial distillation, which provoked an epidemic of alcohol abuse of biblical proportions. The first drug prohibition laws in the US were targeted at racial minorities. They were successful thanks to a succession of moral panics allied to the fact that the first ..."
"...Prohibitionismto one of the flawed dogmas of Prohibitionism, that drug use inevitably leads to drug abuse and therefore is immoral as drug users lose free will and self-control. As we have seen in Section 2 of this book, this fallacy is not supported by factual evidence, as there is little ..."
"...Prohibitionism is based on a fundamental mistrust of people and a negation of their ability to make the proper choices for themselves at the most personal and intimate level: what they choose to put into their own body. Prohibition assumes that people are basically feeble, foolish and irresponsible and need ..."
"...Prohibitionism evolving societies, the societal meta-model is always a few steps behind society’s forerunners, the one most likely to shape the meta-models of the future. Regulations are at best an expression of the societal meta-model at the time they are enacted. Furthermore, regulations are generally reactive rather than proactive, therefore ..."
"... model, as they shape and mold conventional wisdom to turn half-truth and outright falsehoods into received truths. - Prohibitionism and ulterior motives - Drug prohibition started in the US as a discriminatory ploy against Chinese migrants in California and has kept its ..."

"...Prohibitionismument of Prohibitionism is the claim that legalization sends the wrong message and amounts to surrender and endorsement. Such a fallacy can be easily debunked, as the “message” has been so utterly discredited that a majority of people stopped listening to it a long time ago, if statistics of use ..."

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What is prohibitionism?
What is the origin of modern prohibitionism?

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